[ic] IE 6.0.2 Errors On Empty Fields --- Fixed

Randy Just randyjust at justcomp.com
Sat Oct 29 11:55:25 EDT 2005

At 07:49 PM 10/28/2005, you wrote:
>Randy Just [randyjust at justcomp.com] wrote:
> > At 06:12 PM 10/28/2005, you (who, me?) wrote:
> > > Randy Just [randyjust at justcomp.com] wrote"
> > > > <INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME="[quantity-name]"
> > > > onClick="this.form.action='[process]', secure=1, this.form.submit()"
> > > > VALUE=0>
> > > >
> > > Do you mean '[process secure=1]' in the above?
> >
> > Hmmm, I didn't think of trying what you put above.  I set it up as I
> > had put above and it
> > works with IE and Mozilla.  No errors with IE and is going to the secure
> > page.
> >
>Your "secure=1" (outside of the [process] tag) probably isn't doing
>anything useful.  See if your code still works without it.  If so then
>you probably have something like "AlwaysSecure" set for the page,
>which will be how you are able to get to the secure page.

For whatever reason, IE "likes" having "secure=1" outside of the process
tag.  I modified catalog.cfg to set-up AlwaysSecure for the page and then
included secure=1 as part of the process tag.  IE barfed on it.  Setting it
up as "this.form.action='[process]', secure=1, this.form.submit() appeals
to IE's nature for whatever reason.

I finally just removed the checkbox option.  While more convenient than having
to enter a 0 in the quantity field to remove an item, it seems to be 
problematic in
my installation.  Maybe our sales will increase because the customer 
can't remove
an item easily <grin>.


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