[ic] Problems with component cloning and creation

Zambra michael at zambra.com
Sat Sep 3 07:09:18 EDT 2005


I've started to create my own components, but first tried to customize 
some of the components already available in the dist. The problem is 
that the function:

UI -> Content -> Component edit -> Existing components
and on the Component Edit screen
New name + click on Publish
doesn't seem to work.

It simply seems to republish the component used as a blueprint. Is this 
correct as for now?
I have 5.2.0 installed from source (no RPM) on a Red Had 9 system.

Beside this, when I try to create a new control and miss to specify the 
value for Identifier I get a somewhat cryptic message:

content_modify: op add failed for component xxxxxx

It would be nice to have the actual dependency being stated, like:

Field xxxxx is mandatory. Please fill it out.

I have some trouble with "Lookup table" and "Lookup select", too. When I 
fill out these two, the system automatically fills "Field for lookup" 
with the value from "Lookup select" out, too. ???

Thanks for any hints.


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