[ic] [perl tables=tiers] producing error: Table TIERS not found in databases

Barry Treahy, Jr. Treahy at MMaz.com
Tue Sep 6 16:10:01 EDT 2005

Stefan Hornburg wrote:

>>I'm against the wall and would be grateful for any help as I've got to 
>>hop a plan at 6am tomorrow AM, and I can't get my site back up. 
>>Saturday, I blew a power supply in my Dell PowerEdge1300 and as it would 
>>have it, its a long holiday this weekend and Dell doesn't use a standard 
>>ATX pinout.  After wasting hours to find out that was a dead end, I 
>>pulled the drives from the system and placed them into a newer system 
>>but Linux wouldn't run, too old of Linux for the HW.  That has been 
>>resolved with RH 7.1, I have Caudium running, mySQL, Perl 5.8.7 loaded 
>>with the kitchen sink, and IC put into place (4.8.6).  IC starts up and 
>>I can access all of my GDBM and mySQL tables from within the admin page, 
>>and all of my pages that reference these tables out side of the '[perl]' 
>>tags work just find, but any page that uses:
>>[perl tables=xxx,yyy,zzz]
>>Die with the error Tables XXX not found in databases.
>Can you please post the _exact_ error message from the log file ?
Sure, sorry: XqDN4Atc: - [05/September/2005:20:49:15 
-0700] mmb2c /cgi-bin/mmb2c/ATT-217M-13-NNN-02 Table TIERS not found in 
databases XqDN4Atc: - [05/September/2005:20:49:15 
-0700] mmb2c /cgi-bin/mmb2c/ATT-217M-13-NNN-02 Runtime error: Can't use 
an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at (eval 138) line 50.

It seems to happen everytime on the flypage which is where I have:

[tmp page_title]__COMPANY__ -- [item-code][/tmp]
[tmp members_only][/tmp]
[perl tables=products][/perl]
[perl tables=tiers][/perl]
[control reset=1]



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