[Fwd: Re: [ic] [perl tables=tiers] producing error: Table TIERS not found in databases]

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Tue Sep 6 22:34:15 EDT 2005

Barry Treahy, Jr. wrote:

> I believe I've isolated the problem.  Withn commonadjust, I reference a 
> usertag which does a:
> $sql = "select quantity,discount from tiers where tier='" . $tier ."' 
> order by code desc"; $results = $Tag->query({ wantarray => 1,sql => $sql 
> } );

This won't matter with regard to your current problem, but you could
simplify your string -- the single quotes don't affect the interpolation
of $tier when included within double quotes:

$sql = "select quantity,discount from tiers where tier='$tier' order by 
code desc";

> And it is here that IC is blowing...  Now I'm beginning to remember that 
> I had to load a module that would allow emulation of SQL for GDBM 
> databases.  Anyone remember what that module is so that I can get this 
> loaded?

I'm not sure... perhaps you're talking about SQL::Statement
if you aren't running a current version of IC.  Mike coded
in functionality a few months ago so that SQL::Statement is
no longer needed.  If you *do* need SQL::Statement, make sure
it is version SQL-Statement-0.1021 -- later versions did not
work with IC.

John Young

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