[ic] Possible bug with Menu.pm, external links, and menu-type=tree

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Thu Sep 8 00:53:53 EDT 2005

Using Menu.pm with the "Product Tree" component produces an invalid URL
for external links (assuming I am entering them correctly).

When the tree is expanded, it appears that "?open=34" gets appended to
the URL for internal interchange links (where 34 is the parent menu that
has been toggled). However, when visiting an external link, the number
actually gets added to the inside of the url i.e. "http://www.cnn.com34/"

I noticed that there is an "External Links" option on the second tab of
the menu editor, but I have been unsuccessful in getting it to work.
Currently, for external links, I just enter the fully qualified URL in
the "Page" input for the menu editor.

Am I doing something wrong with creating these external links, or is
this a bug? I have tested this with various builds from 5.2 up to the
most current nightly build.


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