[ic] UPS shipping and Label module (request for shared funding)

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue Sep 13 23:02:19 EDT 2005

Dear Interchange users

Shane Harper and I have received a quote for integrating UPS into
Interchange. The modification would be as follows:

Produce Label on New Order
- Go to Interchange admin
- Click Orders tab
- Click on status link for an Order
- Order Status page is displayed
- Click Ship All lines
- If shipmode is a UPS mode,

- - Will return error if error received from UPS
- - If no error,
- - - Label tag will get paid label
- - - Label tag will get tracking number and store in transaction table
- - - Tracking number, order number & actual cost store in ups_ledger table
- - - Label pdf is stored in orders directory
- - - Shipped email sent to user (if email preference) with tracking number
- - - Order Status page returns with link for label
- - - Clicking link will open label as pdf in new window.
- - - Print label from window.

Void Label (from Order Status page)

- Order Status page is displayed
- Click Void next to UPS label link
- If void request receives error, error is displayed
- If no error from void request,
- - Tracking number removed from tracking table
- - Void entry with tracking number, order number & cost recorded in
ups_ledger table
- - Label pdf in orders directory is deleted
- - Order Status page is displayed with message label voided and print link

The estimate is $1400.00 USD, works on US and CA addresses only and you must
have a UPS account number for it to work. So far it is just Shane and I
pitching in, and we were hoping we could raise a little bit more money.
Shane and I are not affiliated with each other, but requested a quote from a
consultant together after I sent out a request on the BIZ list.

If you would like to help out to get this off the ground, any amount would
be appreciated and could be sent to Shane or me via check, paypal, credit
card or money order. $10.00.... $100.00... whatever, will help us.

Please note, I have not looked into whether or not this can be *distributed
with* Interchange, so once it is built, it may just have to be downloaded
and installed separately. UPS may or may not have different requirements for
placing it inside a software package for distribution.

You may want to reply if interested off list, as many have no use for this.


Paul Jordan

paul at gishnetwork.com
sharper at simplymarketinginc.com

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