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[ic] Shipping and NMFC


*	Subject: [ic] Shipping and NMFC 
*	From: interchange-users at icdevgroup.org (Rich Kelly) 
*	Date: Mon Dec 30 16:29:00 2002 
*	In-reply-to: <000b01c2b037$0d9edc80$02a8a8c0 at moerules> 


Can anyone help me with shipping and an LTL carrier company that uses the
NMFC class.  All of our products have an nmfc class and orders are
frequently over 150 lbs.  What can I do.  I have tried adapting the
Fedex-query tag into a roadway-query tag but it seems I have gotten over my
head with the shipping.  Interchange seems to work with fedex and ups but
its a bear if you want to alter some of those formulas.

basicall here is what I need.

Origin zip
destination zip
origin city
destination city

Roadway.com has an E-commerce link that will spit back the rate quote based
on these criteria but I can't do step one.

Any serious help is requested thank you in advace


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