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Fri Sep 16 19:00:10 EDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 03:00:25PM -0700, Steve Messing wrote:

> Can anyone help me with shipping and an LTL carrier company that uses the
> NMFC class.  All of our products have an nmfc class and orders are
> frequently over 150 lbs.  What can I do.  I have tried adapting the
> Fedex-query tag into a roadway-query tag but it seems I have gotten over my
> head with the shipping.  Interchange seems to work with fedex and ups but
> its a bear if you want to alter some of those formulas.
> basicall here is what I need.
> Origin zip
> destination zip
> origin city
> destination city
> weight

It wouldn't really work like IC's Foundation shipping stuff.  You'd have to rate each item 
individually because the rate varies by NMFC which can vary from item to item.  Your best 
bet would probably be to find the NMFC that represents the "middle ground" and rate the 
entire order using that NMFC.  In that case, you could use some derivative of the 
fedex-query tag because you'd be dealing with the entire order and a fixed NMFC.

The issue that you are encountering is that, in the shipping industry, LTL rating is based
off a different set of input values than those for small packages (and those for 
truckload, as well).

Hope this helps,

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