[ic] Product Rating / Reviews?

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Tue Sep 20 03:49:19 EDT 2005

Quoting Andy <interchange at tvcables.co.uk>:
>Hi Folks,
>Reading back through the archives it looks like someone created some code for
>product reviews and ratings, however I cannot seem to find any links to the
>actual code itself, has anyone implemented this or something similar?
>I would like customers to be able to rate a product and to display an average
>rating with customer comments, ideally comments only being displayed after
>admin approval.

The code I was developing at the time has not been released in the same form
as I envisioned while working on it. My code for the 'rate this / review this'
feature has more or less been transformed into the survey code. See the
quickpoll in the standard demo.

The survey feature enables one to quickly set up a poll by simply defining
some questions and response types (Yes/No answers, rating on a scale,
open answers etc.). The answers survey participants supply are recorded
in a file for later processing.

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