[ic] Collapsible Vertical Category Toggles

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Thu Sep 22 13:07:07 EDT 2005

Tito writes: 

> Gert, 
> What if I want to use my own toggle switch open/close buttons.  For 
> example, If I want to create instead of a plus (+) or minus (-) a dot that 
> is color coded.  Green dot to open toggle switch and red dot to close a 
> toggle switch?  In the value field it says to insert "Image to use for 
> closing a category, leave blank to leave default -"  So if I want to use 
> my dots what would I enter in the value field so that it knows I want to 
> use my dots?  There is a place where u specify the image directory so it 
> knows where the image of the dots are but I wouldn't know what to put as a 
> value...perhaps this could be something i should do instead..

Find the location of images by the name of 'plus.gif' and 'minus.gif' .. 
They are in a standard install somewhere in images/interchange-5/en_US, but 
just do a find for those images. 

Replace plus.gif  with your own created green dot image.
Replace minus.gif with your own created red dot image. 



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