[ic] unique meta keywords

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Sep 22 12:56:56 EDT 2005

I'm running IC 5.2 and a catalog which began life as 4.8. I'm trying to
create a unique meta keywords tag for each page. I found some
information in the archives about meta_header. One post said:

> This is just a suggestion; if you wanted to be able to set it
> in the page editor on each page you could add to the template
> (templates/leftright or templates/leftonly):
> meta_header:
> label: HEAD additions
> widget: textarea_4_70
> That would add the field to the page editor in the UI.

and another said:

> add:
> meta_header:
> description: Meta tags
> widget: textarea
> in the comment section, and:
> [set meta_header][set] (which I think is a typo and should be [/set])
> at the bottom. 

I've tried both of these, but each one made the admin UI's content
editor barf with a message saying:

"...content_editor Died in server spawn: Can't use an undefined value as
a HASH reference at /home/me/interchange/lib/UI/ContentEditor.pm line 475."

Can someone provide a hint?


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