[ic] unique meta keywords

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Thu Sep 22 16:04:44 EDT 2005

DB wrote:
> I'm running IC 5.2 and a catalog which began life as 4.8. I'm trying to
> create a unique meta keywords tag for each page. I found some
> information in the archives about meta_header. One post said:
> I've tried both of these, but each one made the admin UI's content
> editor barf with a message saying:
> "...content_editor Died in server spawn: Can't use an undefined value as
> a HASH reference at /home/me/interchange/lib/UI/ContentEditor.pm line 475."
> Can someone provide a hint?

My catalog also began life as 4.x and grew into 5.x. The format you used
is the same as what most of mine have. Some are simple:

        label: Page title
        width: 50

Some are complex:

        code: meta_description
        db: ^@
        label: Meta Description
        type: text
        width: 50

(Not sure what that db: means)
I just spent a while trying to understand the code, but it's over my
current mental capacity. Do you have other options listed in the
template that ARE working? Are there any funny characters in the name?


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