[ic] Help with Index.html changes

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Sat Sep 24 12:51:40 EDT 2005

Tito writes: 

> Hello All, 
> Sorry about the bother but I need some help on my index.html changes.  I 
> changed the index.html area where it says Welcome to Interchange 
> Foundation Store.  I hit publish and it goes through fine...but if I hit 
> the site the change is not really showing.  It does save the changes in 
> the UI for Admin but it just doesn't show on my actual webpage. 
> The other problem I am having is with the plus/minus for the collapsable 
> category_vertical_toggle.  When I set it to category_vert_toggle it shows 
> a plus and minus on my categories on the index.html page instead of my own 
> picture which should be a small dot/button.  I changed the tminus.gif and 
> tplus.gif to represent my own picture in ./en_US directory but that didn't 
> do anything...any help would be greatly appreciated as always. 
> To have an idea of what I mean u can visit 
> www.clarinetreedmaker.com/cgi-bin/subaru 

In case you haven't tried that I'd clear the browser cache to be sure not to 
look at old stuff. 

Next do Apply Changes in the admin UI, this could solve the title story. 

For the images pretty much could be a caching problem... Other than that it 
could be that the images you have changed are not the ones used in the menu 
.... In case you changed tplus.gif -> if there is a plus.gif you should have 
changed that... 

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