[ic] Help with Index.html changes

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sat Sep 24 12:17:18 EDT 2005

Quoting Gert van der Spoel (ic at 3edge.com):
> Tito writes: 
> >Hello All, 
> >
> >Sorry about the bother but I need some help on my index.html changes.  I 
> >changed the index.html area where it says Welcome to Interchange 
> >Foundation Store.  I hit publish and it goes through fine...but if I hit 
> >the site the change is not really showing.  It does save the changes in 
> >the UI for Admin but it just doesn't show on my actual webpage. 
> >
> >The other problem I am having is with the plus/minus for the collapsable 
> >category_vertical_toggle.  When I set it to category_vert_toggle it shows 
> >a plus and minus on my categories on the index.html page instead of my own 
> >picture which should be a small dot/button.  I changed the tminus.gif and 
> >tplus.gif to represent my own picture in ./en_US directory but that didn't 
> >do anything...any help would be greatly appreciated as always. 
> >
> >To have an idea of what I mean u can visit 
> >www.clarinetreedmaker.com/cgi-bin/subaru 
> >
> In case you haven't tried that I'd clear the browser cache to be sure not 
> to look at old stuff. 
> Next do Apply Changes in the admin UI, this could solve the title story. 
> For the images pretty much could be a caching problem... Other than that it 
> could be that the images you have changed are not the ones used in the menu 
> .... In case you changed tplus.gif -> if there is a plus.gif you should 
> have changed that... 

Hasn't anyone thought of just right-clicking on the image and finding
out where it is? I believe it would be fo.gif and fc.gif you are looking

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