[ic] Session Database - Moving from files to SQL

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Mon Sep 26 11:46:42 EDT 2005

Stefan Hornburg wrote:

> Sandy Thomson wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I help run a fairly busy interchange store, and was looking for ways 
>> to boost performance of the site (We are almost at the stage of 
>> maxing out a dual xeon server).
>> After browsing the RTFM site for a while I came across the following 
>> sections:
>> 3.80 SessionDatabase
>> 3.81 SessionDB
>> In 3.80 it states you can configure interchange to use flat file or 
>> db/gdbm files for sessions, and 3.81 states you can use a separate 
>> database for interchange sessions, but that is not recommended?
>> Has anyone managed to use DBI for interchange sessions? Does anyone 
>> know the schema to use? Is it worth doing?
> Search the archive. This has been discussed here at least one time
> Bye
>       Racke

Cheers, I have email going back at least a year and couldn't find 
anything, but found some useful bits and pieces from articles related to 
clustering on icdevgroup.org .


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