[ic] Quantity Based Pricing

Andreas Grau agrau at esquat.com
Wed Sep 28 14:58:06 EDT 2005

Hello world \n;

I wish to change the qbp mechanism of the foundation store. Rather than 
having the q2, q5, q10 ... fields in the pricing table, I want quantity 
fields and their according prices in one table row:
     sku, dealer, pricegroup, quantity1, price1, q2, p2, q3, p3
or something similar. I then will search the largest quantity equal or 
inferior to the order quantity to determine the price.

The need arises from different groups of products that have different 
"reasonable" order quantities.

I miserably fail to identify the code where prices are determined in IC 
or the Foundation. Someone can help me out ?

Thanks a ton,

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