[ic] Quantity Based Pricing

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Wed Sep 28 15:34:14 EDT 2005

Take a look in etc/after.cfg
You set the pricing in pricing.txt
and the commadjust controls its use.
search the list for commadjust, quantity pricing, after.cfg, 

hope this helps

On Wed, 2005-09-28 at 20:58 +0200, Andreas Grau wrote:
> Hello world \n;
> I wish to change the qbp mechanism of the foundation store. Rather than 
> having the q2, q5, q10 ... fields in the pricing table, I want quantity 
> fields and their according prices in one table row:
>      sku, dealer, pricegroup, quantity1, price1, q2, p2, q3, p3
> or something similar. I then will search the largest quantity equal or 
> inferior to the order quantity to determine the price.
> The need arises from different groups of products that have different 
> "reasonable" order quantities.
> I miserably fail to identify the code where prices are determined in IC 
> or the Foundation. Someone can help me out ?
> Thanks a ton,
> Andreas
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