[ic] More-list and UserTags

Lars Tode lars.tode at bpanet.de
Thu Sep 29 10:37:34 EDT 2005

Hi list.

I want to use Interchange functions to build up the more-list - Tag for
my own UserTags.
There is nothing found in in the maillinglist and on icdevgroup.org
about the an implementation of more-list in UserTags, yet.

So I searched a littlebit in the lib/Vend directory for more information
how Interchange did it.
The main problem seems to be, that Interchange use an instance to access
the functions in all Vend - Moduls and that UserTags not have this
instance variable.

Is there a possebillity to access and use the more-list function in self
written UserTags?

Thanks in advanced,


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