[ic] Re:[interchange-docs]http://www.icdevgroup.org/xmldocs/iccattut/MinimalCatalog.html

William O. Yates hackware at tru2life.net
Sat Apr 1 06:43:13 EST 2006

Davor Ocelic wrote ..
> On Sat, 1 Apr 2006 04:26:09 +0100
> Kevin Walsh <kevin at cursor.biz> wrote:
> > "William O. Yates" <hackware at tru2life.net> wrote:
> > > on the point of posting to docs, how to you expect any help with docs,
> if you keep things
> > > all locked up...?   do you expect us to only use the interchage-users
> list...?
> > >
> > I think the docs list is about to be opened up.  It's original use was
> > not for docs discussions, but for docs-specific CVS commit notices.
> > It's only recently that a few discussion threads have popped up in there.
> > 
> > Perhaps we could start a new (public) "interchange-docs" mail list for
> > documentation discussion and submissions, and keep the current "docs"
> > list for CVS commit notices only (no posting, and the "Reply-To" header
> > set to direct followups to interchange-docs).
> > 
> > The interchange-users list will suffice as a public docs discussion area
> > in the mean time.
> Since I am the only one doing commits, I don't think separation to two
> lists
> is justified. Especially since there isn't many subscribers either.
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perhaps you are not the only one wanting to do something about docs...


since you don't want anybody to touch the docs mail list...

what is wrong with other to be involved...?

can only you touch anything to do with docs...?

i seem to even remember you saying that input would be a good thing...

why you making it so hard...?


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