Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Sat Apr 1 12:37:33 EST 2006

> I could be wrong, but I think he was saying that just *opening up* the
> interchange-docs list will suffice, instead of opening an entirely new list.
> I have been on this list for 5 years or so, and I have seen some rants on
> the docs from time to time. Now we have someone actually taking time and
> trying something out. Mike, Kevin and Racke are smart people, I am sure they
> are not unwitting to any moves anyone makes, including Davor, so it is not
> like, even if Davor was to make a bad decision, that it would ruin
> Interchange.
> I am sure there are backups or originals, and there is also Kevin's rtfm
> site for docs. I know the new docs on devgroup's site seem like a downgrade
> now, but we have to give it time. I am sure in the end the Dev Group viewed
> Davor's end intentions as a benefit to everyone, so let's give it some time.
> I know Yates has done some very mature documentation work for very large
> organizations, so he is probably gritting his teeth at the pace and current
> condition of the docs. However, please have some understanding and patience.
> Up until 6 months or so ago, there used to be a google search for the
> mailist and docs, which I though worked awesome, especially because the
> preview and keyword highlight. I currently use the Google Toolbar for
> searching the mailist and the *old* docs.
> I think having a list to post examples for others would be good. I think
> there is a lot of talent out there that doesn't know enough to participate
> in a professional open source construct, but has slick code. I had written a
> couple tutorials and posted to the list things that subsequently got put
> into the distro, but when I posted them originally, I felt bad that I was
> clogging peoples inboxes and they'd have to stumble upon them in the docs. I
> would like a list that I wouldn't think twice about sending some small slick
> code to, to I suppose Davor? Then he would format it and submit it to an
> appropriate example portion of the docs? Is that how the list would be used?
> I think that would be great.

Thanks, Paul.

I wish everyone would follow your example and identify those who benefit from
being part of the problem, as opposed to ones trying to be part of the solution.


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