[ic] Fwd: Excel data export problem in IC 5.4

Carl Bailey carl at triangleresearch.com
Mon Apr 3 09:28:07 EDT 2006

We just moved a client to a new, upgraded server, and while we were at 
it, we moved them from Interchange 5.2 to 5.4.  Both servers are 
running Debian 3.1.  The new server has two dual-core Xeon's, 2GB RAM 
and an SMP kernel, whereas the old one had a single AMD cpu, 512 MB RAM 
and a standard kernel.

Now the customer has a problem using the Admin UI to do an Excel 
spreadsheet export (through the multi-table export screen) of their 
products table.  Other tables export fine, but this table has some 
MySQL text fields with entries longer than 4096 characters.  When we 
delete the rows with these long fields, the export works fine.  The 
strange thing is, this export worked fine on the old 5.2 version of 
interchange, even with the long entries (a few even over 16K chars) in 

Here's what happens in 5.4.  The export creates a DBDOWNLOAD.xls file 
of zero bytes in the backup directory.  It also creates ".txt" files 
for the selected tables, and these all look fine (expected number of 
rows/characters).  No error messages are logged to the screen, in the 
catalog's error.log file or in interchange's own error.log file.

I compared the module versions for Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and 
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel on the two servers and noticed that the 5.4 
server had a newer version of the WriteExcel module (2.16 over 2.14 on 
the 5.2 server).  So I installed the older version of the module, but 
the problem remains.

I would be most grateful for any ideas that might help us resolve this 
problem without falling back to IC 5.2 ;) .

-- Carl

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