[ic] Fwd: Excel data export problem in IC 5.4

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Apr 3 10:21:23 EDT 2006

Quoting Carl Bailey (carl at triangleresearch.com):
> We just moved a client to a new, upgraded server, and while we were at 
> it, we moved them from Interchange 5.2 to 5.4.  Both servers are 
> running Debian 3.1.  The new server has two dual-core Xeon's, 2GB RAM 
> and an SMP kernel, whereas the old one had a single AMD cpu, 512 MB RAM 
> and a standard kernel.
> Now the customer has a problem using the Admin UI to do an Excel 
> spreadsheet export (through the multi-table export screen) of their 
> products table.  Other tables export fine, but this table has some 
> MySQL text fields with entries longer than 4096 characters.  When we 
> delete the rows with these long fields, the export works fine.  The 
> strange thing is, this export worked fine on the old 5.2 version of 
> interchange, even with the long entries (a few even over 16K chars) in 
> place.
> Here's what happens in 5.4.  The export creates a DBDOWNLOAD.xls file 
> of zero bytes in the backup directory.  It also creates ".txt" files 
> for the selected tables, and these all look fine (expected number of 
> rows/characters).  No error messages are logged to the screen, in the 
> catalog's error.log file or in interchange's own error.log file.
> I compared the module versions for Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and 
> Spreadsheet::WriteExcel on the two servers and noticed that the 5.4 
> server had a newer version of the WriteExcel module (2.16 over 2.14 on 
> the 5.2 server).  So I installed the older version of the module, but 
> the problem remains.
> I would be most grateful for any ideas that might help us resolve this 
> problem without falling back to IC 5.2 ;) .

I don't think you will see any change going back to 5.2. It is all in
the [backup-database] tag, and nothing significant has changed there.

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