[ic] cannot create account on public side

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Apr 28 17:19:05 EDT 2006

On 04/28/2006 06:45 AM, Stuart Lowe wrote:
> OK:  when I manually set the default to '' for column password (and the sql was verbatim btw)
> as well as adding the corresponding default to catroot/dbconf/pgsql/userdb.pgsql:
> Database  userdb  COLUMN_DEF   "password=varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT = ''"  (is this correct??)
> I was immediately able to create a new account and log in to it.  I was also able to log out, 
> send orders etc.  If I tried to create an account without a password, it wouldn't let me 
> ('Must enter at least 4 characters for password.') which is good.
> All the correct user info was also reflected in the userdb table.
> This is good.  But why?
> Can anyone offer any insight into why I had to do this to get it to work?

Yep, Interchange is trying to create the users in two steps. First it 
creates a partially blank entry in the userdb table and then in a later 
step it fills it in with the password and other info.  It could not 
comoplete the first step before because the database was complaining 
that it didn't have a value to fill into the "NOT NULL" field for 
password.  By supplying a default value for password you allow the 
database to put something there, (even if it's just an empty string) and 
so it can happily go on its way.

The error that you were getting was from postgresql and was very 
specifically saying, "No password is being supplied by interchange but I 
can't put NULL in here because this is a NOT NULL column."  You needed 
to supply something else to put in the password field, and a default to 
the empty string ('') suffices.


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