[ic] cannot create account on public side

Stuart Lowe stuart at stuartlowe.com
Fri Apr 28 21:11:22 EDT 2006

> >I was immediately able to create a new account and log in to it.  I was 
> >also able to log out, send orders etc.  If I tried to create an account 
> >without a password, it wouldn't let me ('Must enter at least 4 characters 
> >for password.') which is good.
> >
> >All the correct user info was also reflected in the userdb table.
> >
> >This is good.  But why?
> >
> >Can anyone offer any insight into why I had to do this to get it to work?
> Yep, Interchange is trying to create the users in two steps. First it 
> creates a partially blank entry in the userdb table and then in a later 
> step it fills it in with the password and other info.  It could not 
> comoplete the first step before because the database was complaining 
> that it didn't have a value to fill into the "NOT NULL" field for 
> password.  By supplying a default value for password you allow the 
> database to put something there, (even if it's just an empty string) and 
> so it can happily go on its way.
> The error that you were getting was from postgresql and was very 
> specifically saying, "No password is being supplied by interchange but I 
> can't put NULL in here because this is a NOT NULL column."  You needed 
> to supply something else to put in the password field, and a default to 
> the empty string ('') suffices.
> Peter

Ah, so it doesn't actually attempt to insert the password value until the second step.

Well that would make sense then, wouldn't it. 

I guess I was fixating over "I've provided a string for the password, why's it 
complaining about the NOT NULL constraint?" 

Ah well, I've got a working demo now and when I'm comfortable with that I'll attempt to build
some simple catalogs.  Looking foward to learning more here. 

An excellent explanation.

Thank you very much!


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