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sb at airdelights.com sb at airdelights.com
Sat Apr 29 17:43:39 EDT 2006

sb at airdelights.com writes: 

> sb at airdelights.com writes:
>> I'm want to display an image in a simple fly page that calls the 
>> image
>> from items/[item-code].jpg If the image is not in the diretory for
>> that part, I want interchange to display a default image.
>> I have read in interchange mailing list that the data tag and if tag
> is
>> a good way to do this, but I'm having trouble getting it to work.
> This
>> is what I have so far, but I have not been able to get it to work:
>> <img src=[if type=file term="items/[item-code].jpg"]
>> [else]
>> 	items/1sna.jpg
>> [/else]
>> [/if] Border="0">
> just a wild guess but try
> [if type=file term="images/items/[item-code].jpg"]  ...
> I gave it a try but did not make the item image display, still only 
> get default image to display. steve


Below code works in a foundation store where the images are located at:

Just create a testpage and put the code below in, replace <STICK HERE
CODE> with one of your item codes.  It should show up twice, because 
CODE> there
are two ways below to do it. Also check the following variables: 

IMAGE_DIR       /standard/images        Directories and Paths
SAMPLEHTML      /www/htdocs/standard    Directories and Paths
SAMPLEURL       http://its.a.server.nl/standard    Directories and Paths

[fly-list code="<STICK HERE ITEM CODE>"] 

<img src="[if type=file term="images/items/[item-code].jpg"]
[/if] Border="0"> 

[if type=file term="images/items/[item-code].jpg"]
<img src="items/[item-code].jpg">
<img src="items/1sna.jpg">




Thank you Gert.  I tried both of these and had same effect, only showed
the default items/1sna.jpg image.  So I tried changing the typ=file to
type=image and then it displays the item-code image, but will not
display the items/1sna.jpg default image for the items that have no
image in the items/ folder.

Any suggestions?

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