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Tito Valentin gvalentin at daemonracing.com
Fri Aug 4 11:53:28 EDT 2006


I have been trying to set my shipping methods in the checkout.html form. 
When I go to that page on IC through the client side, the only shipping 
method available is LOCAL (local is a method I set for in-store purchases)

I am not able to see the UPS or FedEx methods (or any for that matter 
except Local).  How can I enable those other methods to show on the 
shipping method drop box in the checkout page?

Also, If I am in the Admin side and click on "orders" and "new order", I 
am able to generate an order for a client just fine.  Once I submit, it 
defaults to UPS Ground.  I don't mind that because I can always go ahead 
and change the shipping method manually by editing the order.  The only 
problem is that if I am entering an order via admin and it defaults to 
GNDCOM shipping the order will always be expecting a shipping status.  The 
only options in the shipping status are: Pending, Shipped, Partially 
Shipped, Back Ordered, Waiting for Payment, Waiting for Credit Check, 
Canceled.  Is there a way I can add the an extra option under status to 
say "Purchased Locally"?

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