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Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Fri Aug 4 11:56:16 EDT 2006

Mike Heins wrote:

>Quoting Frank Reitzenstein (frank at goldissue.com):
>>Thanks Jon,
>>I have been asked to desist from posting unless I can include a
>>discussion in my posts. I pointed out Kevin's (and yours) have been the
>>only responses until now, and that there is not much to discuss amongst
>The only question here is the hook and posting of a main site URL.
>There are many consultants who read this list, and if one does it then
>all should be able to do it. But the consensus here is that no promotion
>go on.
>If there was substantive content -- and a precise URL along with
>a description of what you will find there might be such -- then it
>is certainly acceptable. But a one-paragraph hook and a home page
>URL is just not right.
>The way most people promote their consultancies -- and I am not even
>saying you are doing that -- is to answer questions and put their
>URL in the sig.
Thanks Mike,

I am not really promoting my consultancy at all (it hadn't really
occured to me) but rather my site content as a very useful service which
is likely to snowball into an increased ranking and other opportunities
down the track.

At the same time I know that the average web designer has buckleys
chance of achieving what I have if they want to have a family life and
all the rest. So I am filling a vacuum in AU.

Obviously your forum is the place for all this to happen. However
answering questions and dropping a url is not what this is about. I'm
giving away code, which is in everyones best interest. For example I am
sure you would like to see the Australians getting involved because now
they can.

I know how much they struggled in the past. They said it was just too hard.

Anyway thankyou for discussing all this with me,


Frank Reitzenstein.

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