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Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Fri Aug 4 12:23:46 EDT 2006

T ito Valentin wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been trying to set my shipping methods in the checkout.html
> form. When I go to that page on IC through the client side, the only
> shipping method available is LOCAL (local is a method I set for
> in-store purchases)
> I am not able to see the UPS or FedEx methods (or any for that matter
> except Local).  How can I enable those other methods to show on the
> shipping method drop box in the checkout page?
> Also, If I am in the Admin side and click on "orders" and "new order",
> I am able to generate an order for a client just fine.  Once I submit,
> it defaults to UPS Ground.  I don't mind that because I can always go
> ahead and change the shipping method manually by editing the order. 
> The only problem is that if I am entering an order via admin and it
> defaults to GNDCOM shipping the order will always be expecting a
> shipping status.  The only options in the shipping status are:
> Pending, Shipped, Partially Shipped, Back Ordered, Waiting for
> Payment, Waiting for Credit Check, Canceled.  Is there a way I can add
> the an extra option under status to say "Purchased Locally"?
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Hello Tito,

I need to brush up on the user interface as my business grows over the
next year.

To be honest, because I know the system and can do most things manually
we don't use it much. (we also use a menu which I created which builds
the store on our hard drives and ftps the results to the server)

But if an explantion of what's behind what you see, then I may be able
to help.

Basically the shipping methods are arranged sequentially in
/var/lib/interchange/yourstore/products/shipping.asc. The first field is
a code. That code has to match a code listed in
/var/lib/interchange/yourstore/products/country.txt. The second field in
/var/lib/interchange/yourstore/productsshipping.asc is the description
which appears on the checkout dropdown. the third field in
/var/lib/interchange/yourstore/products/shipping.asc is a shipping
value, or the location of a function, which queries UPS or Fedex or
Australia Post.

Usually the value returned (the shipping amount) is the value returned
by a a routine in the /usr/lib/interchange/code/UserTag directory; eg

The connection between the function specified in a particular line of
/var/lib/interchange/yourstore/products/shipping.asc and the program
which calculates shipping (for example by the www GET method for UPS or
Australia Post is that you will see a function called ups-query in
/usr/lib/interchange/code/UserTag/ups_query.tag, and in

If I have lost you I'm sorry. you may find that someone else can help
you with your admin questions,


Frank Reitzenstein.

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