[ic] Moving v5 catalog to v5.4 - Permissions and suexec.

John Wolgamot wolgamot at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 14:56:37 EDT 2006

I moved a catalog which is based on version five foundation to a version 5.4
server. I plan to eventually redo it under the new 5.4 code base but not for
the moment. Might be best to wait for v6 :-)

I manually imported the database and got it connected to the catalog and
everything seems fine. You can browse catalog and everything seems to be
working just fine.

I'm wondering about permissions.

I had to disable suexec for this virtual server to even get it working.

I'll worry about the suexec issue later as it seems to be a complicated
issue according to

I fiddled with permissions of files and directories with no luck.

chown -R user:group catalog-name wasn't enough.

I finely got the catalog up by running by issuing:
chmod -R 775 catalog-name 

This is not a live catalog yet so no big deal here "yet".

I looked around the mailing list and wasn't successful at finding a script
to reset the permissions of all the files in the catalog directory so I was
wondering if such a script even exists or at least a list of critical files
and directories and what their permissions should be in order to maintain a
secure catalog.

Since the catalog is outside the public_html directory this would seem to be
an issue about keeping local users of the local server out of the catalog
files and since it's only me and a few trusted users, I'm not too worried
about that.

Nevertheless it would be good to know they are set correctly just for the
sake of doing it as right as I'm capable of doing it :-)

I can take a step back to the way the dirs and files were when I brought the
catalog over to this server which would bring me back to trying to figure
out what permissions need to be given to certain individual files and dirs
in order to get the catalog up.

Since I know the catalog is running fine, if there is no auto-perms reset
script or list of dir and file perms, I would like to either do something
like chmod -R (too tight) then relax the perms accordingly on dirs and files
to allow operation, or should I leave it set to -R 775 and then tighten
certain files and dirs?

Thanks ahead,


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