[ic] session id's in url LOW PR

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Aug 4 17:38:49 EDT 2006

On 08/04/2006 01:32 PM, ic at 3edge.com wrote:
> I've been doing attempts to get PR for the following site, for about 4 
> months now:
> http://www.allcarmodels.com/acm/index.html            - PR 4
> http://www.allcarmodels.com/acm/index.html?id=XXXXXX  - PR 0
> I still have moments when the URL has a id=XXXXX (first time you get on 
> the site the links have the id=XXXXX, lateron not anymore).

That's because it sets the id when it does not recieve a session cookie 
from the client, which it doesn't until at least the second page request 
(it sends the cookie to the client with the first).  In order to avoid 
this you would have to either ignore the cookie status entirely thus 
risking that your users with cookies disabled won't be able to keep a 
session or you would have to bounce the first page request so you get 
the cookie back immediately.


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