[ic] Shipping Help

ic at 3edge.com.org ic at 3edge.com.org
Mon Aug 7 05:37:24 EDT 2006

Gilberto Valentin writes: 

> Curt and Frank, 
> Thanks for the help.  I was able to add a new shipping status in the admin
> side for local purchases.  That solves that part.  I am still having
> trouble getting the GNDCOM and GNDRES or any other shipping methods to
> show in the drop box in the check out page.  The drop box is now showing
> empty because I got rid of the "Local Purchase" since I am now able to
> choose this option through admin as mentioned above ;-) 
> So, any idea why these shipping methods are still not showing in my
> checkout page?  I checked via the admin side and the are set properly for
> the United States and enabled.  I still don't know why this is happening.

Perhaps the conditions for the other shipping methods are not met? Because 
the weight is too high or some other restrictions. Perhaps you can send 
parts of your files to the list so we can actually see what you are doing. 



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