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> What Gatways can I use with Interchange?  Does Authorize.net work and
> is it hard to setup?

We use Hotconnect.net (MCVE) gateway because it allows the customer to be
either under Nova, Global, Vital, First Data, almost any major Credit 
Card clearing house... If they do not already have a merchant account, then
they can help get one. It's listed as MCVE on the interchange website,
but it's really hotconnect.net's creation. The nice thing about hotconnect.net
is it also allows the customer to process cards from any web browser (and
to setup sub accounts, so Cindy can only auth a card, or Timmy can do
a sale, but only Jerry can do a return). 


P.s. Mike H. - Who do we have to be nice to get that changed on the website
(instead of it listing the MCVE module as mainstreet, list is as Hotconnect.net
as they built it and support it, not mainstreet)

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