[ic] Problems with products/variable.txt

Marko Kuzio marko.kuzio at kochan.de
Fri Aug 11 13:00:49 EDT 2006

i have a problem with load the products/variable.txt

the follow code is in the catalog.cfg:

Database    variables   variables.txt   TAB
VariableDatabase    variables

and here the content of the products dir:
-rw-rw-r--  1 interch interch    45 2006-08-11 18:23 variables.txt

some defines in variables.txt:

code    Variable    pref_group
COD_ACCEPTED        Payment
CONTRAST    Red Template

some code from index.html to call var CONTRAST:

Debug: __CONTRAST__

but Contrast is empty?
i think my variables.txt is not loaded, but i have no entry
in the error log file??

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