[ic] debian install error port 8786 what does this mean?

Bill Beecham bill_beecham at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 12 16:32:25 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I'm trying to install IC from the tarball and during the process of running 
the config it makes all the files and apparently tests. During this it gives 
me the messages that the ic server was probably not running, port 8786 is 
being blocked by your isp or some other mechanism. This is a most perplexing 
error as I have been all through the messages here and cannot find a 
definitive answer. What exactly, besides the obvious, does this error mean? 
Does it mean that it really needs port 8786 open in order to install? 8786 
is for message clients. I'm confused. I was able to get the debian packages 
to install and run but I have no way of  telling it to use mysql and letting 
it create the database structure. I need to be able to do this manually 
where it asks me the root user and pw for mysql etc.

I've done this before without any problems whatsoever on a freeBSD machine, 
but I am now stuck with working with debian. Any help or insight would be 



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