[ic] Authorizenet error:

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Aug 16 08:54:34 EDT 2006

>Here is more information from the error.log:
> EtreBSep: - [15/August/2006:21:14:14 -0500]
>pci_web /cgi-bin/pci_web/ord/finalize.html Safe: Real-time charge
>failed. Reason: Authorizenet error: This account has not been given the
>permission(s) required for this request.. Please call in your order or
>try again.
> >

Just my guess, but it sounds like your authorize.net account, or 
password is bad or incorrect?

Here is what we have set for the IC variables:
mv_payment_host =  secure.authorize.net
mv_payment_id = (Authorize.net account number)
mv_payment_mode = authorizenet
mv_paymnet_secret = (Authorize.net password)

I posted, earlier in the year, some custom code to add a transaction 
id to the authorize.net transmit data, but it is not necessary to get 
it working.

Good Luck

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