[ic] IC Tags and CSS id's

danb at berganconsulting.com danb at berganconsulting.com
Thu Aug 17 12:49:05 EDT 2006

Hello all,

Is there a way to get CSS ID's to "pass through" interchange tags?

I'm using the <label> tag, so I would like to do the following:
<p><label for="b_country">[error name=b_country  
std_label="[L]Country[/L]" required=1]</label>
[display type=country_select name=b_country value="[value country]"  
class="sel" id="b_country"]

The "class" is output by the display tag, but the id is not.

I also tried the same thing with the [shipping] tag:
[shipping widget=select class=sel id=shipping_method]

Again, the class is present in the output, but the id is not.

Am I doing something incorrectly, or is this not possible?


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