[ic] freebsd IC blank pages and premature end of script headers

Bill Beecham bill_beecham at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 20 14:50:07 EDT 2006


Here are the answers to your questions:

The perl version is: This is perl, v5.8.8 built for i386-freebsd-64int

IC Ver 4.8.3, mysql  Ver 14.7 Distrib 4.1.18, for portbld-freebsd5.5 (i386) 
using  4.3

The link is correct. If I type in a pagename that does not exist I can get 
the error page in IC to tell me the page does not exist and the graphics and 
colors all work yet I only get a blank page when I access something that 
does exist. Admin section works as well.

interchange error log shows:
- - - [20/August/2006:14:40:11 -0400] - - Spurious PID file for process 625 
supposedly running 906 seconds
- - - [20/August/2006:14:40:11 -0400] - - Spurious PID file for process 630 
supposedly running 768 seconds

catalog error.log shows no errors, shows that the database tables were 
created and that's it. No help there. Server error log shows premature end 
of script headers.

No, this IS a new installation. This is not an old catalog that just started 
freaking out, this is a fresh installation.

When I try to install the interchange bundles I'm told I am up to date. I 
get no warnings or errors telling me I am missing a perl module. I can't 
really think of a perl module I would be missing that would cause the 
catalog to work in admin section, work fine when I go to the checkout by 
manually entering /ord/checkout.html  but not serve other pages. Like I 
said, it's a weird problem.


On 08/19/2006 05:35 PM, Bill Beecham wrote:
>Hey all,
>Using freebsd 5.5 and have interchange installed. No problems with perl, 
>mysql, etc.

Which version of IC, perl, mysql?

type perl --version and tell me what the first line is in the output.

>However, when I go to my main page and click on enter customer entrance all 
>I get is a blank page.

What is the link for that?  double check that it is correct.

>My error log shows premature end of script headers.

Usually this will be accompanied by a 500 server error, not a blank page.

>The IC error log shows no errors.

Did you check both the catalog error.log and the main Interchange error.log?

>As far as I can tell all is well except that error and the blank pages. The 
>admin section works, well.. as well as it can until I set up the secure 
>cert but I can do alot in there. If I enter into the url (I'm no newbie to 
>IC, been using it for years with no troubles until this new server setup) a 
>product that doesn't exist I can surely see the page and the logo and 
>everything... but try to go to a reg page and it is all blank. I tried to 
>go to browse and it is blank. Go to a specific product that exists and it 
>is blank.
>Important note, this is the stock foundation catalog.

So this is not a new installation?  IC 5.4 has dropped foundation and
now uses the standard demo.  Maybe you should try upgrading and using
the standard demo.

>I'm tearin my hair out because the icdevgroup list doesn't seem to have an 
>answer for my problem after days of combing through it.

The most likely explanation is that you're missing an important perl
module, but will know better with more of the info requested above.
Feel free to drop into irc.icdevgroup.org #interchange if you want some
real-time help too, or consultation.


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