[ic] freebsd IC blank pages and premature end of script headers

Bill Beecham bill_beecham at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 21 19:47:37 EDT 2006

On 08/21/2006 11:17 AM, Bill Beecham wrote:
>There is no virtual host. This is my own server completley dedicated the 
>catalog that will hopefully get finished soon. Exactly what info do you 
>want from the httpd.conf file? I can post that info for you. Otherwise it's 
>a looooonng file.

I think you misunderstand me.  I want the info from the <VirtualHost>
... </VirtualHost> block in the httpd.conf file.  This is usually at the
end of the file or sometimes in seperate files in a vhost subdirectory.
  While it is possible to run a web server without this section I don't
recommend it, even if there's only one domain running on the site it's
still a good idea to have a <VirtualHost> block for it.

That said, read further down...

>And I notice that on top of the checkout page working when I manually type 
>in the url to it the 
>login.html,new_account.html,lost_password.html,help.html, and a few other 
>pages work beautifully.

That helps.  All of the pages you list that work use the leftonly or the
noleft template.  The ones that don't work appear to be using the
leftright template.  Perhaps one of the components on the right side is
causing the problem, or the region file itself.

Copy a page that doesn't work (say, index.html) to a new name, try to
access it to verify that it still doesn't work, then remove all the
components for the right side from the file.  If it works copy it again
and remove the components one at a time until you've found the one that
is breaking it.  If it still doesnt' work, try changing the template to
leftonly and see if that fixes it.  Once you've determined that it will
go a long ways towards fixing it.

Note it could also be something specific in the main content of the
pages that is not working so you still have that approach if this one
fails to give any results.

>If it were a perl module it would probably be one that has to do with the 
>databases, yet in order for those db's to be created to begin with the 
>modules must be there and working, unless my logic is little fuzzy (pun 

It could be a corrupted install of a perl module.  One which is only
accessed by ceartain tags on ceartain pages.



Well, I didn't misunderstand you... that's why I said there is no virtual 
host block. There is a seperate vhost file but I don't use that because 
there is no virtual host. On a dedicated server I don't nee virtual hosts. I 
don't know why it's a good idea to have one because it only allows you to 
override the httpd settings you want changed. Aside from that, the existing 
(but not used nor included) seperat vhost file says www.mydomain.com blah 
blah blah. Not useful nor helpful in this case.

I noticed, just before you told me to try things in admin, that I can call 
up all the items, edit the items, etc. So, as a test I went into the index 
and removed the left and right and went with top and bottom only and removed 
all components. Sure enough the index came up. I started going through the 
components one at a time and am coming to the conclusion that it is only 
when confronted with accessing the database that it errors out.

Now, here's the weird part: admin can do anything with the databse. Add 
items, delete items, etc. Regular old joe blow on the web surfing IC get's 
an error whenever something tries to access the db's.

Then when I saw your response I decided to try renaming a file. No go. It's 
still making the same calls as far as interchange is concerned.

I think we both came to the same thing at the same time, that being try 
editing a file and see what happens. Only, now I'm asking myself why does 
admin have rights to access the data but just plain old joe trying to browse 
the site not have access, so to speak.

I don't recall needing to create an interchange user in mysql before and I 
can find nothing on it in the manual, which I have printed out, and have had 
for quite some time.

What exactly is the difference between the way the regular serve pages 
access things and the way the admin acess things?

I'm going to be digging into these files. I haven't had to do that since it 
took me a week to re-write alot of minivend just to get it to work.


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