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Barry.Treahy at EmersonNetworkPower.com Barry.Treahy at EmersonNetworkPower.com
Thu Aug 24 20:15:30 EDT 2006

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If I edit products.txt from Text Editor, removing the unwanted item  
and uploading it with fetch, it still appears in the item list. So  
obviously I am missing a step.

Can someone please give me a explanation of how the products.txt file  
really works, keeping in mind that I am a total novice. TIA.

If your site is using gdbm, rename the products.gdbm and associated
products.txt.### index files, after performing the edits to products.txt
and then restart your server.  

If you're using mysql, remove the products.sql marker file after your
edits and restart.  

Please note that this does not remove data from pricing files, or other
files that may also have SKU references; this is a brute force reload of
the products table from the presumably correct products.txt file. 


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