[ic] form profile and &fatal=yes

Mark Johnson mark at endpoint.com
Fri Aug 25 07:12:14 EDT 2006

Dan Bergan wrote:
> Mark Johnson wrote:
>> Dan Bergan wrote:
>>> I am trying to use a form profile for my new_account page.  I've been
>>> able to determine that my form profile is being processed, but the
>>> account is being created even when a value fails the required checks.


>> You will likely need to split this into two operations. Use
>> mv_form_profile to do your profile checks first, and then put the
>> account creation code inside an mv_click. With &fatal in a
>> mv_form_profile, for a failed profile, the mv_click code will never
>> execute.


> One more question -- you say the mv_click code will never execute (with
> &fatal and a failure)... how about mv_check?

I seldom use mv_check, so I can't say for sure from experience. It is
not entirely analogous to mv_click, and so one can't assume it does what
mv_click does.

My guess is it would not.

Forget guessing: I just tested it, and it does not. If mv_form_profile
fails, mv_click, mv_check, and mv_order_profile all will not execute.


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