[ic] form profile and &fatal=yes

Mark Johnson mark at endpoint.com
Fri Aug 25 07:13:38 EDT 2006

Kevin Walsh wrote:
> Dan Bergan <dan at berganconsulting.com> wrote:
>> Mark Johnson wrote:
>>> You will likely need to split this into two operations. Use
>>> mv_form_profile to do your profile checks first, and then put the
>>> account creation code inside an mv_click. With &fatal in a
>>> mv_form_profile, for a failed profile, the mv_click code will never execute.
>>> You could, in fact, cut that one profile right between &fatal and the
>>> [if ...] line, putting the top part in the mv_form_profile, and the
>>> bottom part in the mv_click, and that would be logically the proper
>>> division.
>> One more question -- you say the mv_click code will never execute (with 
>> &fatal and a failure)... how about mv_check?
> It's the other way around.  The mv_click will run before the profile
> is checked.  In fact, the mv_click callback code can specify the name
> of the profile to use.  The mv_check callback will not be executed if
> a profile is checked and fails.

Order of operation:

  1) mv_form_profile (for all actions)
  2) mv_click (for all actions)
    *) A failed mv_form_profile will cause the mv_click never to execute
  3) mv_check (for only certain actions -- don't remember specifically
which, but submit is one of them)
  4) mv_order_profile (for mv_action = submit only)

So, yes, you can set an mv_order_profile from either mv_click or
mv_check, but not mv_form_profile.


Mark Johnson
End Point Corporation

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