[ic] How to not log nsession in usertrack?

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sun Dec 10 14:55:11 EST 2006

Bryan Gmyrek <bryangmyrek at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to optimize my server that IC is running on and noticed that a huge
> usertrack file was slowing things down (I _think_ it was causing a 99% CPU bug
> but maybe not, it's hard to tell if the 99% thing has gone away since I'm not
> staring at top all the time).  In any case I tried switching to database
> sessions and it seemed to work but usernames were not being created and the
> referring url was not being shown in orders, etc, so I went back to using the
> flat file.  
> I'm planning on doing log-rotation of usertrack now; before I thought it might
> be necessary for the functioning of IC somehow but just read in another post
> that it isn't.  Even so it would be more optimal I think if nsession sessions
> weren't logged in usertrack, saving the time of logging a line every time a bot
> does something ... this is already logged by apache and is easier for me to
> analyze.  
> Come to think of it maybe I should turn of usertrack logging entirely.  Anyone
> know how to do this and/or how to not log nsession?
Usertrack won't have any effect on performance, as it's just a file
that Interchange appends to.  If the file is big then you could
rotate it and, perhaps, delete old rotated files to save disk space.
Appending to the usertrack file will have no noticeable effect on
your CPU usage.

I imagine your problem could be something to do with session expiry.
Are you regularly deleting expired session files?  I suspect that you
are not.  A huge sessions directory will have a direct impact on your
website's performance, so it must be regularly cleaned.  Deleting old
temporary files in your ScratchDir directory (defaults to "tmp") is
also a good idea.

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