[ic] Re: ALERT: bad pipe signal received for /page.html

Ron Phipps ron at endpoint.com
Mon Dec 11 13:42:13 EST 2006

Josh Lavin wrote:
> On Dec 11, 2006, at 12:02 PM, Grant wrote:
>>> > Hello, I've been plagued by apache2 segfaults ever since I started
>>> > using Interchange::Link years ago.  The latest Link.pm has ALERT
>>> > messages accompanying the segfaults in error_log:
>>> >
>>> > ALERT: bad pipe signal received for /page.html
>>> > [Sat Dec 09 10:27:55 2006] [notice] child pid 21337 exit signal
>>> > Segmentation fault (11)
>>> >
>>> > Does anyone have any advice on solving this?  I'm using apache-2.0.58
>>> > and mod_perl-2.0.2 in Gentoo Linux.
>>> Also, here is the portion of Link.pm that the ALERT seems to come from:
>>> # Return this message to the browser when the server is not running.
>>> # Log an error log entry if set to notify
>>> sub die_page {
>>>     my $r = shift;
>>>     my $msg;
>>>     warn "ALERT: bad pipe signal received for $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME}\n";
>>>     $r->content_type ("text/html");
>>>     $r->print (<<EOF);
>>> <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Interrupted</TITLE></HEAD>
>>> <H3>Someone pressed stop...</H3>
>>> <P>
>>> We have aborted this request because someone terminated it.
>>> Please try again soon.
>>> </BODY></HTML>
>>> EOF
>>> }
>>> Please let me know if you have any ideas.
>> The segfaults are eliminated by commenting out the $r stuff in the
>> die_page sub.  I still get the ALERTs though.  Does anyone have any
>> advice on figuring out why I'm having the bad pipe problem?  Is there
>> an easy way to add extra debugging info to the sub?
>> Also, restarting IC with PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe increases the ALERTs 50 
>> fold.
> I've been seeing this too, on my Apache 2 and latest Link.pm. I also had 
> to use PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe and so I get quite a lot of these.
> The visible effect on the browser is that the page or image (which 
> Link.pm apparently still has some part in delivering) does not load. I 
> get them myself when browsing and testing my websites, and I have never 
> stopped loading a page or had any other problems on non-IC sites I host.
> I was told the problem stems from either the browser and a stop button 
> or some other network fault. I may go back to Apache 1.3 to get around 
> this.

I saw this occur on two different installations about 4 months ago.  It was suggested that I abandon the use of Link.pm and go back to using the cgi method with URL rewrite rules as this was just as fast and proved stable over the years.

Ron Phipps
End Point Corporation
ron at endpoint.com

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