[ic] Make it larger!

Huerta Andrey Mutilovic at notyourtypicalrealtor.com
Wed Dec 13 23:52:21 EST 2006

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' if you ask me you're throwing that money away.'
     'It'll come back,' replied Rimsky quietly, ' and then he'll pay dearly
for this little picnic.' And pointing at Varenukha's briefcase he said :
     'Go on, Ivan Savyelich, don't waste any time.' Varenukha picked up his
briefcase and trotted off. He went down to the ground floor, saw a very long
queue outside  the  box  office and heard  from  the  cashier that  she  was
expecting to have  to put up the ' House Full' notices that evening  because
they  were  being positively  overwhelmed  since the  special  bill had been
posted up.  Varenukha told her  to be sure not to sell the thirty best seats
in the boxes and stalls,  then rushed out of  the box office, fought off the

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