[ic] Can't locate set cronjob (was - Need help with install please. Newbie here)

Barb Sorensen barb at emeraldcitymusic.com
Fri Dec 15 15:02:34 EST 2006

HI, Thanks..that helped tons.
1) I'm retitling this email subject line to be easier for other folks to
find their error message help .

2) I"m sorry for "Top posting" but I didn't know what that means. I have not
heard that phrase before But from the link you posted I"m guessing that
means not to repost the full emails I already wrote.. At the top of a new
So I won't. Thanks for alerting me to this.

3) OK . In re: to this install...

Thanks for the links.. They helped tons!
I recognized I have an Application on my MAC named Terminal.
And it offered ssh and so I entered my info and it seemed to connect to the
server :) 
I uploaded version 5.4.1 stable release.

Then I typed in ./configure and it ran ok
 then I typed in perl Makefile.PL and it ran and asked me where to install
it. I typed in the correct address and hit go.

It gave me this info next:

Writing Makefile for Interchange
~/websites/barbsboutique/interchange >

I then typed in "make" and hit go
And it seemed to run fine.

 then I typed in "make test && make install"
It began to run and then I got this
"Can't locate Set/Crontab.pm in @INC"
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
Compilation failed in require at
Compilation failed in require at blib/script/interchange line 249.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at blib/script/interchange line 249.
not ok 1

# When the above test fails, it may be due to your ISP or some other
# mechanism blocking port 8786.

SO I deleted everything and instead of me adjusting permissions myself I
uploaded the tarball.bz2 and ran it and yet by the time I get to " make
test" it stil gives me the same error.

Any ideas?


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