[ic] admissions taxes based on item - not buyer

Glenn McCalley techlist at bnetmd.net
Wed Dec 20 09:31:35 EST 2006

Hi there,

We need to charge an admissions tax on sales of tickets based upon the state 
in which the -event- is located, NOT the state of the purchaser.  Needs to 
be based on an item attribute like "tix_tax" ( a percentage) and calculated 
on each item.  Can't apply to the total because an event in New Jersey has a 
different tax rate than an event in New York, and there could be items other 
than tickets in the order.

Looked at "Levies" and that seems to still work based on some constant that 
applies to the whole order, not individual items.

I can show a total Admissions Tax for the entire order or show separate tax 
items for each ticket, but it has to be based on the ticket not the 

Any thoughts on how to do this other than Perl to cycle through "if item = 
xxx" and check for a ticket?


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