[ic] + 5 inches or money back

Wareham Diego Moskova at infotecharch.com
Thu Dec 21 03:46:40 EST 2006

YO sir

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     'God knows, the blockheads! They  grabbed me,  tied  me  up  with some
filthy rags and dumped me in a lorry!'
     'May  I ask  why you  came  into  the restaurant in  nothing but your
     'There's nothing odd about it,' answered Ivan. '  I went for a swim in
the  Moscow  River  and  someone pinched my  clothes  and left me this  junk
instead! I  couldn't  walk round Moscow naked, could I? I had to put on what
there was, because I was in a hurry to get to the Griboyedov restaurant.'
     The doctor glanced questioningly at Ryukhin, who mumbled sulkily:
     'Yes, that's the name of the restaurant.'

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