[ic] SEO Module Community Project

Ken Douglas zeolite61 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 12:21:56 EST 2006


I have searched thru mailing-list archive (example
) and found various partial and non-standard ways to
achieve some kind of SEO-optimized URLs. 

In the past Perusion, Mike Heins' company, has
Community Projects located in
Logic is simple setup a public project with a cost
then interested parties pledge money. So Mike can
setup this and we can go on.

A similar example project is OpenSEF located in
. This a Joomla/Mambo CMS component and it lets you do
creative ways of URL rewriting. You can have:
In short you can change everything after your
top-level domain address.

But, of course, this comes with a performance penalty.
This can be neutralized by using cache. One more point
is that you may only want to use it only on product
and category display pages not on account or order
pages. Otherwise it can be problematic.

These days you should utilize every chance to show up
high in Google and keywords in URLs help a lot. 

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