[ic] Re: Dead 5.2 in RPC?

Ron Phipps ron at endpoint.com
Tue Dec 26 12:41:21 EST 2006

Bob Puff wrote:
>> Bob Puff wrote:
>>> Hi Gang,
>>> I recently had some significant trouble with a 5.2 cart and 
>>> authorize.net duplicating charges - it would tell the customer the card 
>>> was declined, when the charge really did go through.  In searching the 
>>> archives, the only solution I found was to use RPC mode (I have been 
>>> running several carts on this same box in High setting for years, no 
>>> problems).  Two days after I switched to RPC mode, interchange hangs 
>>> up.  I had to kill -9 all the ic processes, and restart.  I saw no 
>>> errors in any of the error.logs that warned of any problems.  It didn't 
>>> appear that my box ran out of memory, as top reports about the same 
>>> memory usage as before the switch.
>>> Where can I look?  Obviously, a lockup like this is not a good thing!
>>> Alternatively, if there were a fix for the authorizenet problem, I may 
>>> want to implement that, and go back to High traffic settings.
>>> Bob
>> Hello Bob,
>> Try editing your interchange.cfg file and in the high traffic area 
>> change the max servers setting to: MaxServers 0 and then switch back 
>> to high traffic.
>> -- 
>> Ron Phipps
>> End Point Corporation
>> ron at endpoint.com
> Hi Ron,
> Will that fix the authorizenet problems?  I'm a little gun-shy, after having
> to do like 20 refunds due to this bug.  Thanks!
> Bob
> P.S. I am running Perl 5.8.4, non-threaded

Hello Bob,

I can't guarantee it will fix the problem, but your symptoms all sound like 
things I have ran into in the past (if you search the archives you'll find a lot of info about "double triple charges with signio" and the fix was to run in RPC mode with MaxServers 0.  Recently I was instructed to setup all sites at End Point with MaxServers 0 in high traffic mode to get the stability of high traffic mode with the fix for perl signaling problems that cause issues when calling sendmail or external programs.

There was also a thread about authorizenet issues awhile ago and I think the solution may have been to use another method to contact authorizenet (using wget instead of lwp).

Ron Phipps
End Point Corporation
ron at endpoint.com

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