[ic] Could not lock file: Bad file number

e-transactionnel postmaster at e-transactionnel.com
Thu Feb 2 04:48:45 EST 2006

Quoting Rick (ichange at erienet.net) :
> I'm trying to install for the first time, but i keep getting the following
> error:
> [01/February/2006:13:43:45 -0500] testsite
> /cgi-bin/testsite/admin/index.html Runtime error: access import into
> failed: Could not lock file: Bad file number
> Running Solaris 10

I have problems installing IC on Solaris since the Interchange 5.2 version.
Others had the same problems and I'm not sure someone has solved them.

My solution is to replace after each new install the :
VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Server.pm file,
with the same file of the my 4.8.3 version that has no problem on Solaris,
and it works nice so far.
Of course, it would by far be better to find what changed in this file that
made this problem appear...

- -
P. Ulrich.

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